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Welcome To Healing The Center Inc. :)

We welcome you to Healing The Center. A truly unique Wellness Center that offers the incredible Energy Enhancement System Technology. We are proud members of Unifyd Healing. Let me introduce the Team; Barbara, Dan and Terry are the owners of HTC and what an amazing team we are, we are so excited to bring this technology to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. We have worked hard in finding the perfect healing place for you to come relax, unwind and detox. We have done it! Our amazing 25 acre property will transorm your worries into wonderful memories as we build a community of amazing people. Our Membership packages are designed to suit all needs and budgets. Our membership includes amazing benefits like access to our landscaped grounds, discounts on all of our events, workshops, meditative retreats and merchandise. Our pristine grounds will be a perfect place for community events, workshops, meditation retreats and all the possibilites in between. We Welcome you to Healing The Center,

We cant wait to meet you all. :)

HTC Team



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