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Let us Introduce you to the Energy Enhancement System. This Scalar Wave and Bio-Photonic Technology creates a perfect environment for your body to help heal itself.  The EE System gives a boost to the cells in your body keeping them at an optimal charge.  Spending time in the EE System is proven to assist in Cellular Regeneration, Immune Function, Detoxification, Neutralization, Hydration, Oxygenation and so much more! 

At Healing The Center, we share this EE Sysytem Technology with you for a fee per hour. 

We are located in Niagara Falls, our 25 Acre property is a perfect setting for you to relax and ground after your session at Healing The Center.  Our Center is over 3400 square feet and can hold more than 30 seats an hour. If you are coming from out of town and wish to stay in Niagara while you have your sessions with us, contact us and we would be happy to share nearby Hotels, campgrounds and nearby attractions.  

We are proud members of Unifyd Healing.  

Follow this link to EE System Testimonials from around the world:

Want to leave a testimonial, please leave one on Unifyd Healing at the link below:

Come on in and let your body do what it does best. HEAL


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