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Please watch and read these amazing testimonials from our customers! Making a difference in our everyday lives.

Testimonial from Sue, NY

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in early 2022. This is a bone marrow/blood cancer. They measure the severity of it by the amount of cancer cells in the blood. I started this journey with 40% cancer cells. I went through 8 rounds of treatment at the Roswell Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York which got me down to a remaining 2%. I then went for a 2 week long stay in the hospital to receive a big dose of chemo which was supposed to wipe out the last 2 %. Well it didn’t. All it did was wipe out my immune system. They gave me a stem cell transplant at that time to build back my immune system. That was a year ago. For the last year I’ve been at 2% and I’ve been just taking a maintenance medication which isn’t supposed to cure but keep you level. To keep my immune system healthy I’ve been taking tons of supplements and a plant based diet and exercise and  so far it’s been working. My immune system is back to normal.  I started coming to Healing the Center on Nov 8th. I go once a week for 2 hours. This is the only thing I’m doing. I’m not receiving any traditional treatment at all from my doctor. They are expecting it to come back eventually. For the last year my levels have remained steady at 2% until two weeks ago when I went for my follow up appointment at Roswell where they informed me that my blood work showed 0.4% remaining !!! They said whatever I’m doing to keep on doing it !!! I firmly believe that the EE system is what is healing me. I plan on getting down to 0.000% and staying that way for the rest of my life.
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