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Healing The Center Inc. is a Wellness Club located in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada specializing in the Energy Enhancement System. The EE System emits Scalar Wave and Bio-Photonic Light energy that creates a perfect enviroment for your body.  The EE System gives a boost of frequency to the cells in your body keeping them at an optimal charge.  Spending time in this energy will help in Cellular Regeneration, Immune Function, Detoxification, Neutralization, Hydration, Oxygenation and so much more!  Your mental, emotional and physcial self will be present in a hyper healthy energy space, this is where your body knows what to do. So come in relax and let your body do what it does best, HEAL. 


Our Services

  • Energy Enhancement System

    1 hr

    60 Canadian dollars
  • Energy Enhancement System

    2 hr

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Energy Enhancement System

    3 hr

    180 Canadian dollars
  • Energy Enhancement System

    4 hr

    240 Canadian dollars
  • Every Thursday 7:30 -8:30


    1 hr

    30 Canadian dollars
  • Every Tuesday 7:30-8:30


    1 hr 30 min

    30 Canadian dollars
  • 1 FULL DAY + OVERNIGHT in the EE System 11am-9am Thats 22 HOURS...

    22 hr

    888 Canadian dollars
  • Sleep OVERNIGHT in the EE System 9pm-9am

    12 hr

    750 Canadian dollars
  • Wherever in the world you are our energy will be there.

    8 hr

    60 Canadian dollars
  • Wherever in the world you are our energy will be there.

    16 hr

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Includes 20 min inside EE System for breathwork then Sauna and Cold P...

    1 hr

    50 Canadian dollars
  • Energy Enhancement System

    2 hr

    60 Canadian dollars
  • Explore our Membership packages to suit every budget and need.

    1 hr

 From Anthony
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Healing The Center
Center Hours and Location


Healing The Center is located at

6200 Thorold Townline Road,

Niagara Falls, ON Canada L2H 0W3


7 days a week 11 - 7 pm

Pets, Children and Special Needs appointments

available upon request.

Overnights are available upon appointment.

How to Prepare for your Appointment at HTC

Water Bottle to stay hydrated

Ear Plugs, Headphones or Earbuds for favorite music

Sleep Mask if you want darkness. 


Healing The Center is a Wellness Club.  When you register a new profile and make your first session purchase you are a member of the Healing The Center Wellness Club.  It's that easy, your lifetime Membership is included with your first purchase.  Our members have exclusive benefits that includes access to our beautiful 25 acre grounds, after your appointment relax outside and ground your feet in mother nature, exclusive discounts on all our monthly wellness events and so much more to come. So stay tuned.  See You Soon. :)

Feel The Source, Heal The Center. 

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