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Enjoy Our Classes in the EE System

Come and Enjoy our weekly classes in our EE System.

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:30 -8:30.

Cynthia Konopka

Sounds & Senses with Cynthia Konopka
Starting February 8, 2024


An Experience through Sound, Frequency, Vibration & Essential Oils

Weekly themes and teachings on heightening

your vibration and navigating the New Earth energies.

Channeled Violin Frequency Music

Vocal Toning for Activation

Guided Meditation

Sound Healing

Tapping into your inner rhythmic pulse through the body and specific sound healing musical instruments.

Exploring various essential oils to raise your vibration and create an enhanced environment for healing.

Creating calmness, peace and balance within the body, mind & spirit.

Coming back to the self.

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